Have you already tried many of the standard pharmaceutical methods known to western medicine to re-establish normal sleeping patterns without success?

Have you found yourself asking:

  • How come my medications no longer help me sleep, or help me go to sleep?
  • What can I use to help me get to sleep without the danger of serious side effects?
  • What can I use besides drugs to help me sleep better? (The Big Question)

If so you are not alone: Pharmaceutical drugs do not treat the causes of poor sleep, only the symptoms. Often making the initial causes worsen over time.

The reasons this occurs are simple, and can be debilitating

Falling out of a healthy sleep pattern happens slowly. The brain works from habit, striving to maintain that which would be considered “the neuro-chemical norm” for us as individuals. Maintaining a healthy balance for our overall well being is the brains number one assignment. It takes time for the brain to form new habits. Adding pharmaceuticals to the mix begins creating a new habit for the brain. The brain will cease to make the natural chemistry that is being replaced by that of the drugs. Read Dr. Ray Smith’s CES Report.

Over time the brain becomes accustom to not making or even calling out for the making of the “replaced” neuro-chemicals. Leaving an individual depleted of that which would be normal for the brain to manufacture, and reliant on the drugs being ingested. Having this “new habit” fully in place things begin to deteriorate further as one develops a higher tolerance for the medications. Requiring a higher dose with continued use, eventually the dosage needed for the desired effect will exceed what is considered safe for ingestion. At which point continual use no longer has positive effect.

HENCE: My medications no longer help me sleep, or even help me go to sleep
Remember “The Big Question”?
What Can I Use Besides Drugs To Help Me Sleep Better?The Answer: Cranial Electro Therapy Stimulation (CES) Treats the Causes of Poor Sleep Rather than the Symptoms!!
  • CES uses the natural processes of the brain to reset an individual’s sleep clock.
  • There are no known serious side effects from the use of CES.
  • CES readjusts the natural neuro-chemical output of the brain without the addition of outside harmful chemicals.
  • CES relieves the stress caused by sleep disorders and anxiety.

CES has been available for clinical use since the 1950’s and was invented in Russia. Originally CES was referred to as “electrosleep”.

CES uses a gentle electrical impulse applied to the ear lobes which is anatomically transferred to the brain. The tendency is for the frequency to cause the brain to release the neuro-chemistry needed for healthy sleep. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration allows the medical claims of “insomnia and anxiety” for CES use. Anxiety is a common trigger of insomnia or sleep problems in general. Anxiety will begin to cause sleep problems in people who have not previously experienced difficulties with sleep. A vicious cycle will often begin to take place in individuals whereby: the more anxious a person becomes the more they suffer from sleep disorders; the more one suffers from sleep disorder the more anxious one becomes, and on and on.

By using the natural processes of the brain to reset levels of normal neuro-chemicals in the brain CES causes a “new and healthy habit” for the brain to fall back into. In general end users report a substantial decline in sleep problems within 2 weeks of daily use. Read the CES experience.

Take Control: Reset Your Sleep Clock With The CES Ultra

Portable Affordable, and Easy To Use

The human system was not designed to deal with the daily stresses of our modern existence. 10,000 years ago our toughest decisions were along the lines of: Do I want to eat nuts or berries for lunch, and should I take a nap now or later. The daily demands that we put on our selves have changed far faster than what the normal course of evolution has been able to keep up with. It is no wonder that we find ourselves felling stressed out and overloaded as often as we do. The CES Ultra is a safe, natural and convenient way to dial down your stress by redeveloping a healthy sleep cycle…