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CES Brings Restful Sleep to Patients at Multi-Patient Rehabilitation Center

Reestablishing a normal sleep pattern is a significant milestone on a client’s road to recovery. Many different factors influence when that will occur: age, lifestyle, drug of choice, pattern of use, state of health, etc.

Many studies have been compiled confirming the effectiveness of using low-current electrical stimulation (CES) to help promote sleep. Many studies have also been done confirming specific biochemical interventions to help normalize sleep. Our institution can add to these observations since we make use of both protocols simultaneously.

Before CES arrived, we addressed insomnia by prescribing a variety of natural chemicals: the hormone melatonin; calming amino acids GABA, L-tryptophan, and taurine; a unique product called Bio-GH Releasers, which helped to stimulate the production of human growth hormone to stimulate a deep restful sleep; the mineral magnesium, often depleted to alarmingly low levels in chronic alcoholics.

Weekly check-ins done in a group setting allows clients to update how well they are sleeping. After CES became part of our standard treatment protocol, turnaround time for normalizing sleep was faster. Some generalities can be stated about different addicts. Those who abuse drugs that rob excitatory neurotransmitters (cocaine, amphetamines) generally have no problem sleeping, although, staying awake has sometimes been a problem. Many alcoholics come to rely on a drink to knock them out. Once they become abstinent, sleep becomes a problem, sometimes lasting for several weeks. Using CES, they generally normalize their sleep in two days to a week. The most difficult people to return to normal sleep patterns are those getting off prescription drugs — antianxiety, antipsychotic, and sedative drugs in particular. Without CES, normal sleep patterns can elude these people for months. Because it is often necessary to wean off these potent drugs, it takes more time before sleep normalizes for them; however, with CES and specific biochemical repair, most return to normal sleep within three weeks.

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CES Study: Rehab Center Treating Insomnia