Granted these exceptions, CES proves effective in many applications. In the western culture depression and anxiety seem the most common psychological problems of normal people in normal life. In both cases, clinicians distinguish between reactive and obscure pathology.

Reactive pathology grows from an event. People feel anxiety when loved ones might die, and depression when bereaved. We label such normal feelings pathological when they persist past social norms and prevent normal productive behavior. In the Eastern culture flow of an improvement in oneness realization and improvement of chi and mastery could be emphasized. This would of course include an improved ability to learn and do.

In the western world obscure pathology has no apparent relationship to any specific event. It generally has a longer history and takes longer to respond to therapy. CES can alleviate reactive depression or anxiety in about a week with one forty-five minute session per day. More severe depression and/or anxiety requires three to five weeks or more of one or more forty-five minute daily sessions in its amelioration. In the Eastern world effect would likely be seen as an improvement in capacity or a strengthening of chi or vital force can be often immediately experienced with CES but can certainly take four to six weeks or longer of regular CES usage.

Other Therapies with CES

Many individuals receive CES as part of additional treatment programs. They usually enter the treatment program as a result of living in an environment that over stressed them. Their coping mechanisms, both physical and psychological, have failed. Typically, these patients receive therapy, stress reduction and stress management training.

During the course of treatment for outpatients, or following treatment for inpatients, they enter a non-therapeutic environment. This often requires some initial support. CES can has proven useful for preventing a recurrence of pathology.

People can learn more quickly when their being (at different levels) is improved. People can heal and learn much more easily when free from stress. The stress response makes any but the most immediate and reflexive learning difficult. Learning relaxation despite stress has proven particularly difficult. This difficulty also blocks healing. CES can free us from the effects of the stress response. We can learn anything, especially relaxation, better and faster.