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CES and the non-drug alternative for your children


From a satisfied user.

I LOVE our CES Ultra!! My 8 year old has such severe ADHD he cannot sit still to save his life!! BEFORE CES Ultra, my little guy had to take Adderall 2x/day plus Zoloft once a day for mood control because the Adderall increased aggression a LOT!! Also, the Adderall made him toss and turn until almost midnight each night! (And THAT kept big brother awake in the top bunk…) I hated it!!!

I weaned my child off meds shortly after school got out. Then I started using the CES Ultra. It made a huge difference such that even his cousin noticed! On our first visit (while still on Adderall and Zoloft), he ran all around and was into everything.

On our next visit 3-4 weeks later, my son was so much more calm, not running and not into everything!! When school started, I chickened out and did add Adderall only ONCE a day, in the morning. Eventually, I discovered essential oils and added a couple of mixes. With Adderall only in the morning, plus CES morning and after school, my child no longer tosses and turns half the night and only takes one pill/day vs. 3/day!

CES Ultra in China

The CES Ultra has arrived in China. We are represented there by Shenyang State Science and Technology Co., a major technology firm focused on the development of computer hardware and software support network systems, and integration services related to education and health care and the research and development, production and marketing of medical products. They have just attended a major medical equipment exposition where they featured the CES Ultra. It was extremely well received and trial-tested by hundreds. We will soon be launching a major campaign in China in conjunction with our distributor. See the picture to get a sense of the reception we received.