From a satisfied user.

I LOVE our CES Ultra!! My 8 year old has such severe ADHD he cannot sit still to save his life!! BEFORE CES Ultra, my little guy had to take Adderall 2x/day plus Zoloft once a day for mood control because the Adderall increased aggression a LOT!! Also, the Adderall made him toss and turn until almost midnight each night! (And THAT kept big brother awake in the top bunk…) I hated it!!!

I weaned my child off meds shortly after school got out. Then I started using the CES Ultra. It made a huge difference such that even his cousin noticed! On our first visit (while still on Adderall and Zoloft), he ran all around and was into everything.

On our next visit 3-4 weeks later, my son was so much more calm, not running and not into everything!! When school started, I chickened out and did add Adderall only ONCE a day, in the morning. Eventually, I discovered essential oils and added a couple of mixes. With Adderall only in the morning, plus CES morning and after school, my child no longer tosses and turns half the night and only takes one pill/day vs. 3/day!