Can Transcranial Electrical Stimulation improve your gamer’s ability?

Transcranial simply means that the direct current (i.e. from a battery rather than the AC mains) is passed across a region of your brain. The direct current passes between the cathode and anode, which are placed over your prefrontal cortex. Basically, by pumping electrons into your brain, your neurons, which communicate via spikes of electricity, become more excitable. This means that they can fire more quickly, improving your reaction time. Furthermore, when you remove the current, your neurons are imbued with additional neuroplasticity — in other words, they more readily make new connections, improving your ability to learn new skills.

If the gains from Transcranial Electrical Stimulation really are as amazing as these early reports suggest, there could be some serious ethical considerations if it becomes widespread. Should students be allowed to use Transcranial Electrical Stimulation to improve their studies or to pass exams? What about professional e-sports gamers? Who Knows. Maybe it’s our future.