Experts believe electrotherapy is the key to solving anxiety related to the dentist. MILLIONS of people could be cured of their fear of dentist surgeries with the help of electrotherapy, new research has claimed

Tiny electrical currents into the brain could help solve people’s terrifying phobia of the dentist.

Experts said a handheld device which transmits cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) reduced anxiety among those with a long fear of dentists.

The study conducted in Nigeria for the Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences said the treatment is similar to the TENS machines used by pregnant women.

The device stimulates nerves for therapeutic purposes and is used by expectant mothers for pain relief.

The research scientists carried out tests on 40 adults scared of the dentist and divided them into four groups.

One group were treated with CES, another had relaxation therapy, a third group had both treatments while a fourth had none.

Relaxation therapy involved patients spending 30 minutes with a specialist trainer who taught them exercises to help lower anxiety levels.

The CES worked just as well as the relaxation therapy after 45 minutes.

Whereas having both treatments had no extra benefits but all were far more effective then doing nothing to curb anxiety related to the dentist.

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