The CES Ultra™ is the most advanced CES instrument currently available. For those suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, and the wide range of symptoms which accompany these and other conditions and disorders. It provides relief with none of the unpleasant side effects of prescription drugs. For those seeking nothing more than a good night’s sleep, it is an alternative to habit–forming tranquilizers.

The most significant research on CES is based on the traditional 100Hz. Other units may claim to carry the 100Hz, but do not have an accurate rendition of the configuration on which most of the research is based.

There are also certain “underground” instruments on the market which have no scientific evidence behind them. Many are simply low–cost pulse generators, and have not been fully evaluated for either efficiency or safety. They are not registered with the FDA and do not have permission from the FDA to present themselves as “medical devices” or make any medical claims.