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George Clooney surprises elderly English fan for her 87th birthday

A dream came true for Pat Adams. Her favorite actor George Clooney arrived with flowers and cards to celebrate the birthday.

An 87-year-old woman says her surprise visit from George Clooney will be a moment she remembers forever.

The Oscar-winning actor turned up unexpectedly at Sunrise of Sonning, a care home in Berkshire, on Sunday to give resident Pat Adams birthday flowers.

Sunrise of Sonning's staff had written to Clooney, who lives nearby, telling him a visit would make Pat's dreams come true. The staff regularly try to fulfil their residents' wishes as part of an ongoing programme, but they didn't think they would be able to pull this one off.

The care home's concierge, Linda Jones, posted on Facebook that she was in "utter shock" when she saw the Oscar-winning star arrive. She said that Pat "loves George Clooney and mentions everyday how she would love to meet him". Clooney came equipped with a bouquet and a signed card for the birthday girl.

When Pat was asked if she would like any other A-lister as a visitor, Pat revealed some divided affections. "Well I don't think anyone can top George Clooney," she replied, before adding, "but Brad Pitt would be nice as well! I mean, you never know who might pop in!"

Clooney and his wife, Amal, have a home in local Sonning, but he is "by far" the biggest name to walk through the facility's doors. He visited with Adams for about 15 minutes.

Clooney moved to Sonning, where he lives with his human rights lawyer wife Amal, in 2014.

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