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105-years old grandma wanted a hot fireman to bring her a cake. And she got it.

Fireman Climbs 3 Stories To Deliver A Grandma Her 105th Birthday Cake

When a fireman climbs through your window, it's usually because your building or house is on fire. But for one lucky lady, a fireman climbed up three stories just to surprise her for a much safer reason - her birthday!

Ivena Smailes is an old woman, and she knows what she wants. For her 105th birthday, she wanted a hot fireman to bring her a cake!

Better known to most as "Aunt Ivy," her family respected her birthday wishes. How could you not when she asked for something so bold? She knows what she wants!

Not only did the fireman need to be hot, he needed to have tattoos, too! Her family set to work and got in touch with their local Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, and they were happy to help.

Aunt Ivy likes to make her birthday wishes hard to be accomplished. Last year, she tried to get her caretakers to climb a tree because she thought they couldn't.

She didn't get just one good-looking fireman, the entire crew came out to surprise Aunt Ivy for her birthday!

"She's got a fantastic sense of humour," said care home worker Debra Carter. "On her bucket list this year she wanted a cake delivered by a fireman with tattoos. For her birthday last year she tried to get us to climb a tree. She always tries to find something we can't do."

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