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97-Year-Old Woman Walks Local Shelter Dogs Every Day

This woman walks 10 dogs a day and brings new meaning to the phrase "97 years young."

Sally is a volunteer dog walker just shy of 100 years old who truly loves being active and helping out in her community, and takes her old age in stride.

Having lived through the World War Two and been in the fire service, Sally is not your average volunteer dog-walker. She puts her incredible longevity down to regular exercise and the bonds she's formed looking after rescue dogs.

"I don't sit indoors watching telly (television) or nothing like that, not me," Sally told BBC Three. "I'm a very active person."

She remains active by volunteering for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals via dog walking and even lends a helping hand to her neighbors, walking their dogs as well whenever needed.

"I'd take all these dogs home if I could afford it," said the Englishwoman, laughing.

At home, Sally is a widower and has no family. But in her eyes, the dogs she takes care of are her family as are her fellow volunteers. She has been a volunteer herself for 40 years.

"That's what we're on this Earth for, to help one and other isn't it?"

"They say you should rest more," said the cheerful elder. "I said 'Are you joking mate?'"

Age is just a number to Sally and she says she doesn't feel any different today in comparison to her 50's. That's probably because she remains dedicated to getting plenty of exercise and working in order to stay fit both physically and mentally.

"Can't even get a toy boy," she joked, about her lifestyle. "Past my sell by date."

Sally is turning 98 in December and, in addition to inspiring others and being hilarious, plans to keep doing what she's doing - what she loves - until she's "finished."


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